Skype Ban In Saudi Arabia And The Impacts

Skype is one of the most frequently used software in the world. It is an important tool that allows one to communicate with another person in real time sing text or video. Many organizations and individuals are known to use Skype for their video conferencing and also to call many people. Skype is free to use for anyone from a particular country. The advantage of using Skype is that it is a relatively stable software that is owned by a very reputable company (Microsoft) and thus able to do the work efficiently. Saudi Arabia has threated to bar a number of American owned websites and applications from being accessed in the country. Some of these applications are: Whatsapp, Viber and Skype. This article explains some basic impacts of barring these applications from being accessed in the country.


Inconveniencing the residents


While the Saudi Arabia government knows the reasons why it is doing this, it is important to note that this is actually inconveniencing the users. This is simply because when the users are inconvenienced, there are chances that they will feel bad and blame the government. It is true that there are other alternatives that can be used for this work. However, Skype being the market leader is the world’s most common video chat application.


Loss to the companies


Another impact of the ban of Skype in Saudi Arabia is that it has very negative impacts to the companies. It is a fact that Saudi Arabia is one of the most significant countries in the Middle East. The country is a good market to these companies. Therefore, with the ban, it is a fact that the companies will negatively be affected.  For any company, it is important to ensure that it has access from as many countries as possible.


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